This was published by Andrew.

Soccer is fun. Even practicing. We started last Wednesday on practice and I already feel like I am getting better. We do drills and exercises, but we don’t run much because there is so much smoke in the air from the horseshoe of fires around us that it can prove bad especially for people with asthma (such as my brother Mathew). Some of the fires are supposed to be in control as late as late October and early November. I practiced with all my brothers out in our back yard. We have a mini soccer goal and John, Mathew and I played and we were trying to switch the mini goal around with four balls and try to get the least amount of balls on your side of the goal. John and I were on one team and Mathew was on the other. After that we did some drills. We have real practice on Mon.–Thu. The little boys have practise on Tue. and Thu. We practise at home Fri.–Sun. More posts soon and don’t forget to comment!!!

When we went canoeing

Published by Andrew.

When we went canoeing in Florida, man that was fun. We went at Adventure Unlimited, on the 15-mile trip down a river. We made around 25 stops to enjoy the trip and swim around. I remember that at one spot we went up the river, sat down in it and floated on our backs to the spot that we had stopped at. It was very enjoyable even if we hadn’t made the stops. I started paddling halfway in the trip. I always got in the boat that came in behind when we took off from the shore after a break. We also had two inner tubes that some people rode in because we did not have enough space with just three canoes. My Nana, Grandaddy, Aunt and Uncle, one of their kids, my Mom and Dad, three of my brothers and me went.  We saw a few turtles, plenty of minnows and a few alligator/crocodile outlets in the river, but we did not see any alligators. When we were close to getting done it started to sprinkle a little. The water was pretty cold then. Then we pulled into their boat dock and went home. After that everybody was pretty exhausted.

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Published by Andrew.

Summer. What a wonderful thing. When the northern hemisphere reaches it’s closest point in relation to the sun. When water slides, pools, the ocean, are all in action. Summer up in Oregon is cold and hot. Some days cold, some days hot, it is weird. How weather changes just like that.

We got in the pool today. Did you know that being in water dehydrates you and you skin? That is also weird. I mean, it should hydrate us, right?

Well, we have a lake a quarter mile down the road, so we can go fishing pretty  easily. The hard part is getting my brothers to go. I like fishing but I have not caught anything yet. Probably the best bait for lakes is live worms.

My brother Gabriel (5/6) is thinking about growing worms on coffee grounds that the business uses. Then we can have worms for free and fishers that stay with us can buy them also.

But summer in Florida, was awesome. After church me and my friends would play football, sharks and minnows, or some other game like that. Even after Wednesday night services, we would go out in the dark and the street lights would be on and we would play a game. But every time we would sweat from the humidity, which was always 100%. I miss that. Now we are all dried out. I also miss the beach sand and acorns. We would go to the beach at least once every week, through summer. And we had an oak tree in our back yard. Also a trampoline. I think my Grandma has that now.

Then shortly after we got to Oregon, it snowed. It snowed before it was winter. Local  friends told us that it was the harshest winter they had had in about 10 years. There is some snow that I can still see on top of the mountains surrounding us. I think it is 30 degrees lower on top of Mount Howard than down at the base, where we live.

Also, since the snow is melting off the mountains, the river across from out house has swollen to almost twice it’s original size and the lake, the bank is gone. So we are not allowed to go down to the river right now. We also have a fort down be the river, which I told you in one of my other posts.

Pumpkin on the hillside

This was published by Andrew.

A few days ago we got up and I started putting bagels in the oven, and Henry (6/6) and I got into a debate whether Henry was a sugar bean or a pumpkin.

Then Henry started singing: “Pumpkin on the hillside,” Three times.

Then he sang: “Now the other one, hillside on the bean,”

This also three times over.

Forts And Rocks

This is published by Andrew.

We have built two forts so far. One is down by the river and we have another one up on the mountain. There is a long trail on the mountain that we hike on. So far, we have gone about a third of the way up the whole mountain. It has three humps, but you can only see to the first hump.

Our fort down by the river is a lot more upgraded. Like we have clubs and cool sticks. There are some real-less-than-a-pound-weird-shaped-sticks. There are lots of rocks down by the river. Some of them are pretty neat like with stripes and odd colours. We collect them and polish them. If you want to try this for yourself, visit OK, back to the fort. It is about 20-30 trees in a circle formation. We put branches in between the trees to make walls. Then we rolled a stone in to made a small table that we put a cloth over. We sometimes have a picnic there.

Morel Picking

This is published by Andrew.

A few weeks ago Isaac (4/6), Gabriel (5/6), Miss Amanda and me went Morel picking. Morels are tall dark mushrooms. They are kind of hard to find. They like to grow near fir trees. The top somewhat looks like raisins. In all, we found about 10 morels. We ate them for a snack. They taste something like salt/pepper flavored chips. They also shrink up a bit when you cook them.

Tough and rough Mathew

This is published by John.

Mathew (3/6) is my brother. He is very tough and a lot bigger than me. He had surgery on his abdomen a few days ago and he is out of the hospital but still very weak. The most he can do is take a walk for now. He will get stronger over time. He was born with a cyst that grew into a infection in his stomach so they had to cut open his stomach  and his stomach muscles to get puss and the infection out but the wound is still open because the doctors wanted it to heal from the inside out.

Grandma and his sisters are coming tomorrow around lunch to comfort Mathew.

I included a picture from a while ago so he does not quite look like that now but I will update the pictures as soon as I can. He is the boy on the right. I am the boy on the left.

My sweet buddy Henry

This is published by Andrew.

We each have a buddy, since there are six of us there are three pairs of buddys. Me (1/6) and Henry (6/6), John (2/6) and Gabriel (5/6), Mathew (3/6) and Isaac (4/6). Since Henry is my buddy, that means I have to watch out for him, help him make his bed, getting dressed, so on and so forth. That also means that he and me do stuff with each other more than anybody else. So with the other boys. John has made countless attempts to steal Henry and run away with him. Henry sometimes can be demanding and tiresome, but for the most part he is very sweet.

That means, sometimes he is grumpy.

Jokester John

This is published by Andrew.

John, my ten year old brother, does crazy dancing and weird comics that are sometimes hard to understand.

Half the things that people do he usually dislikes. Which most of the time he finds/calls mom/dad to get their help usually to get people to do their jobs. He also can be nice in times.

He does not like to do a whole bunch of sports, as he rarely plays even football. He does more stuff with girls than anybody else in the family. He likes neckties to wear to church and he also likes to be dressed fancy sometimes (all the time on special occasions).

Once, John accidentally swallowed a thorn stick. He cried a lot, then later threw it up while eating. He found the stick at our back sliding door. (Which was weird).

John usually likes to do the things I don’t want to, and doesn’t want to do the things I would like to. So, overall, he is more of my opposite, even though we are very close.

My Crazy Brother Gabriel

This is published by Andrew.

Gabriel stands for all craziness, cunning, jokester, stealing, etc…

He loves candy a lot, and encourages the little one Henry to do spankable things. He also has a wide variety of language, which he uses when he is angry at somebody. He is very good at making you angry, which then you do something mean to him, which makes him angry and then he uses his stuff…

Overall, he does good staying on a job and my dad finds him very handy for working around the business in doing the odd jobs.

Sorry I don’t have a picture for him but I will get one as soon as possible.