Jokester John

This is published by Andrew.

John, my ten year old brother, does crazy dancing and weird comics that are sometimes hard to understand.

Half the things that people do he usually dislikes. Which most of the time he finds/calls mom/dad to get their help usually to get people to do their jobs. He also can be nice in times.

He does not like to do a whole bunch of sports, as he rarely plays even football. He does more stuff with girls than anybody else in the family. He likes neckties to wear to church and he also likes to be dressed fancy sometimes (all the time on special occasions).

Once, John accidentally swallowed a thorn stick. He cried a lot, then later threw it up while eating. He found the stick at our back sliding door. (Which was weird).

John usually likes to do the things I don’t want to, and doesn’t want to do the things I would like to. So, overall, he is more of my opposite, even though we are very close.

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