Tough and rough Mathew

This is published by John.

Mathew (3/6) is my brother. He is very tough and a lot bigger than me. He had surgery on his abdomen a while ago and he is out of the hospital but still very weak. The most he can do is take a walk for now. He will get stronger over time. He was born with a cyst that grew into a infection in his stomach so they had to cut open his stomach  and his stomach muscles to get puss and the infection out. But the wound was open because the doctors wanted it to heal from the inside out.

Grandma and his sisters are came around lunch to comfort Mathew.

But he is fine now and he is going to live with his sisters again.

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  1. yo me Matthew
    try to read what you tipe before you post OK because theres a lot of words in there over all there are lot of good stuff

    good job

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