Published by John.

Snow in Oregon is awesome, not that it isn’t in cool in other places too but Oregon, man, you got to see it to know it. Sometimes there are a lot of snow crystals and they are crunchy. Other times it is dry and others wet and slushy. Things to do with snow: 1. make snow forts 2. eat snow cones 3. snowball wars 4. snow angels 5. sled 6. ski 7. snowboard. I just dunno were we would be without snow. I like it when it snows, it looks so nice, it falls so slowly. My mom thinks that it looks like magic.  More posts soon!

Every year some of our family comes to stay with us. Right now it is my Grandma that is staying with us. Since we live at a hotel it’s pretty easy for them to stay, but they can only come in the winter or when the busy season (the season where we have the most guests) is over. Right now there is a good inch or so of snow on the ground. Earlier it was more compactible so we could make snowballs but now it is more powdery. The snow is usually very dry so we like to pour a little water into our snowballs to make them stick, and add slushy water paste to our snow forts to make them sturdier. Also the daylight hours are a lot shorter. In FL there wasn’t much difference but it becomes more noticeable in the north. This winter there has been more rebuilding of the cabins. 3,4 and 8 are being rebuilt. 3 and 4 already have the roof on them since they are one building. 8 is a separate building. Well, that’s pretty much all I have to say for right now. See ya next post!