About Andrew

I am a 13 year old who lives in Oregon after moving from Florida. When we moved we moved into a way smaller house, and it has been hard to fit all the stuff that we have in there. So we put a lot in the storage. Like we used to play legos every day. Now we rarely.

I have 5 brothers, no sisters and lots of cousins (14). I am the oldest on both sides. I like playing football with my friends in Florida. Now I do it with the boys here, but most of them have only seen a football game once or twice.

I like pizza and rice sushi a lot. I live a quarter of a mile away from Wallowa lake, and the river is across the road and an RV park.

I do a lot of small jobs for my dad, opening, testing and cleaning the pool and hot tub, shoveling snow in the winter, blowing off the golf course, etc… My mom says that I am the most helpful for moving stuff around, building, helping dad, doing jobs, etc… So now I do more outside jobs than inside ones (e.g. washing dishes).