About John

I am 11. I am in a family of 8. We have a season of birthdays (April – October). I have the second birthday in the season.

I live in Oregon now after driving across the USA. I usually make the meals and I want to be a chef when I grow up. I am the second oldest in the family. I am  also home schooled. In my school I do a lot of readings and a little amount of physical stuff. We had a trampoline that was ground level. And we dug the hole. It took a week to dig the hole and assemble the trampoline.

I like to go to the river across the road. Once one steam was frozen and we broke it up. I think it is a lot of fun at Oregon. Now we live at Eagle Cap Chalets which is at the south end of Wallowa lake. Andrew, Mathew and I went to Aneroid lake two days ago. It was a twelve mile hike round trip. It took us four hours to get up and three hours to get down. We were at Aneroid lake two hours. I was the only one that swam in Aneroid lake. Mathew and Andrew thought it was to cold to swim in.