We have sooo much snow here! It started snowing three days ago and in that time we have got more than two and a half feet of snow! We have had to do so much snow shoveling. The snow is falling of trees in huge clouds. It is pretty crazy. Here is a picture of me in the snow. More posts soon!

Our new house is almost ready to move into! It is very exciting. We have been cleaning and setting up stuff like beds and chairs and all that of stuff. The house is two storied and 2000 square feet. there are four bedrooms, three bathrooms, one living room and one huge kitchen. We are going to have to take a lot of boxes to the house. But living there is going to be fun.

Henry got a new bike! He was super excited that he got it. It is much better than his old one. His old bike’s chain was loose and one of the pedals was demolished and would not come off. He rides his new bike a lot and he really likes it.

1.New bike  2.Old bike  3.Broken pedal


More posts soon!

Andrew is good at being himself and not good at acting like someone else. Andrew and I are best buds and we hang out with each other. A lot of things that we do are with each other. He is a very nice person (now) and he is two years older than me.

The other day we were driving home from a friend’s house at 8:53. We were driving along peacefully and all of the sudden, around a curve came a car on the wrong side of the road. My heart froze. I  was pulled forward as my mom pushed down on the brakes. And the other car got on the right lane and everything was fine. But for one horrible moment I thought they were going to crash into us.

We went on vacation to Florida. Every day was packed with fun and games. We got up early and went to bed late. We went to the beach several times. Also if you are going to Florida in the summer and you are staying at a hotel make sure it has a pool. Almost every day we went swimming. And every day we did something fun. Trust me, it’s amazing what you can do in one week. Pretty soon it was time to go home. Note from the Author (wow that went by fast.)

Published by John.

Snow in Oregon is awesome, not that it isn’t in cool in other places too but Oregon, man, you got to see it to know it. Sometimes there are a lot of snow crystals and they are crunchy. Other times it is dry and others wet and slushy. Things to do with snow: 1. make snow forts 2. eat snow cones 3. snowball wars 4. snow angels 5. sled 6. ski 7. snowboard. I just dunno were we would be without snow. I like it when it snows, it looks so nice, it falls so slowly. My mom thinks that it looks like magic.  More posts soon!

This is published by John.

Mathew (3/6) is my brother. He is very tough and a lot bigger than me. He had surgery on his abdomen a while ago and he is out of the hospital but still very weak. The most he can do is take a walk for now. He will get stronger over time. He was born with a cyst that grew into a infection in his stomach so they had to cut open his stomach  and his stomach muscles to get puss and the infection out. But the wound was open because the doctors wanted it to heal from the inside out.

Grandma and his sisters are came around lunch to comfort Mathew.

But he is fine now and he is going to live with his sisters again.